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Buy our Electric Scooters in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and New Zealand. Yes thats right no matter where you live in New Zealand we have got you covered with our comprehensive online service and quality courier network. Attractive and modern. Lightweight and portable. The first e-scooter with a swappable battery pack. Best electric Scooters in NZ

Give us a Call today on 0212167531 or email us on johnny@kahascooters.co.nz


Kaha Scooters have some of the fastest electric scooters in New Zealand upto 80 kmph


Range will never be an issue with replaceable batteries. Commuting made easy.


These are high performance vehicles and we recommend practicing safe travel!


All of our scooters are built with quality materials. Best Quality Scooters in New Zealand

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About Kaha Scooters

Kaha E-Scooters is a family operated business located in Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand.
Johnny and Jo established Kaha E-Scooters after Jo became unwell and was unable to drive for 12 months.
Keen to support his wife’s independence as much as possible, Johnny considered the possibility of buying Jo her very own E-Scooter to get around town.

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What our client says

The battery swapping feature is brilliantly designed and solidly built, from a team that has excellent post-purchase support. With the way society is going, I'm happy to be doing my part to help the environment.


At the end of the day, my Kaha E-Scooter is a definite winner. It is a great looking scooter that stands out from the rest of the pack and I have saved so much money from not running my car. Best investment I have made!


This mid-range electric scooter has all the bells and whistles you need and doesn't cost four figures.


One of the best E-Scooters of 2020. The battery is located in the steering tube, unlike a lot of other scooters. This gives it plenty of body flexibility similar to a longboard for those bumpy roads.


Johnny hooked me up with one of his e-scooters and its been the best investment that I've made so far. No longer needing to pay for petrol and riding it is one of the highlights of my day as i just put on my music and cruise to my destination. Highly reliable and so much fun! Definitely recommend getting one of these. Best E Scooters in New Zealand.


Brought Kaha Lite E Scooter 2 weeks ago. Very happy with the quality of the scooter and super smooth to ride. Cruises along at 30km easy. Definitely check them out!


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Frequently asked Questions

The best value EScooter for the money is the Kaha lite. Currently this represents great value across all escooters of this type starting from just $750. It has a unique replaceable battery that drops into the stem of the handlebars. It has great water resistance being IP54.

It has a range of 16-20km and up to 27 km per hour. Battery replacements are reasonably priced allowing you to double up your distance. The Kaha lite is perfect for the office professional, student or for anyone needing cost effective travel.

The main thing to consider is making sure it’s serviced locally within New Zealand and that it has a 12 month warranty. Your choice of scooter depends on your budget and what you want to use your scooter for. Whether it’s a short commute from you car to the office or fun and excitement on our more powerful on /off road scooters, we have the best scooters for you.

Electric scooters like bicycles have moving parts that in time will wear out and require replacement. It’s comforting to know that when this happens you will have spare parts and a range of accessories that support your purchase.