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2 products

Are you searching for a reliable brand of electric scooters to make your Wellington commute or recreation enjoyable? Kaha E Scooter NZ have been shipping our extensive range to equip clients with an E-scooter, Wellington, for years. We house large, reputable brands, such as Kaabo, Vsett, Hiley Tiger, Nami and more, to ensure you are empowered to scooter in style with durable, quality components.

By contacting our team to pair you with the best product to meet your needs, you can get off to a great start with an electric scooter that will fit your body and have the mileage you have in mind. If you are considering whether an electric scooter would suit your lifestyle, give us a call, and we'll discuss how easy and enjoyable E-scooters make the commute.

E-scooter Wellington

Electric Scooter Wellington

Selecting an electric scooter, Wellington as your primary workday transportation or recreational equipment is a fantastic choice for customers who want to choose an environmentally-friendly alternative to a car or hate being stuck in traffic when travelling to or from the office.

Wellington is an excellent location for using electric scooters to get around the city, with pay-per-ride solutions becoming prominent, such as Flamingo Scooters, a public scooter service for the local community. However, being electric scooter riders ourselves, we cannot overstate the flexibility and reliability owning an electric scooter provides.

By offering affordable products and a wide selection of accessories, supplying customers with their own E-scooters has never been easier. Once you've partnered with our team to facilitate your E-scooter goals, you can have an enjoyable ride to Oriental Parade, around Willis Street, or travel through any Wellington location with ease.

Off-Roading Scooters

In addition to the weekday work commute, our E-scooters have considerable flexibility, being used for fun recreational activities, including off-roading. We have many models with all-terrain capabilities, ensuring that you can hit the trails while making certain your ride remains undamaged. Scooter off-roading is a fun social activity, and we have E-scooters with full suspension, large tyres, hydraulic brakes and long-range batteries to ensure your off-road events are enjoyable.

Supplying our customers New Zealand-wide with affordable products from our Kaha E-scooters, Christchurch store, we know the demands of inner-city riding and off-road trails. We can get you sorted with any required accessories and are well-equipped to service and maintain your scooters with an in-house workshop.

Excellent Shipping Service

Shipping is a key focus for our business, as we connect with clients throughout New Zealand. Our customer service is friendly and knowledgeable, ensuring you can make an informed decision for the electric scooter which suits you best.

We dispatch our scooters within three business days, sending them from our store in Christchurch with track and trace shipping on all of our orders. We get you set, sorting your accessories and pairing you with a scooter in no time.

High-Quality Components

Incorporating high-quality components into our own brand of E-scooters, we have high expectations for our selection of products, sourcing long-term equipment to give our clients excellent use of our items. Each of our ultra-lightweight folding scooter is a perfect choice for rugged New Zealand trails, requiring low maintenance and lasting a great extent of time.

Our commitment to quality extends to our accessory range, with our helmet, lighting, accessory bag, sealant, charger and battery for our Kaha Lite scooters being long-lasting and having enduring features.

Committed to Customer Service

We understand that finding the right E-scooters is a challenging task for each customer. Sizing, accessories, range, and price are confusing features to select from for the most effective scooter choice. Therefore, our team is committed to establishing strong relationships with potential customers and realising your vision by understanding your needs completely.

Providing knowledge about each of our products and why they would be beneficial or inadequate is an excellent start for you to make an informed purchase.

Modern Commuting Options

We believe E-scootering is a better modern commuting choice than E-bikes as the e-scooter is more compact, convenient, and affordable. In addition, by ensuring you know how to ride electric scooters safely to protect pedestrians in town, your e-scooter use will make the morning commute more enjoyable.

We consistently update our store with a new fleet of electric scooters, improving Wellington city riding. Using our scooters as 'last-mile' transport is immediately beneficial, where you can finish a long train or bus ride with the flexibility that an E-scooter enables.

Enquire With Kaha E-Scooters Now

If you are interested in giving electric scooters a go, email johnny@kahascooters.co.nz, call 021 216 7531 or come into our Christchurch store for a test ride or face-to-face service. You can also save, subscribe for special offers or free giveaways to get the best riding solution for your money.