Do Electric Scooters Really Offer Better Alternative Transportation?

Electric scooters have become more popular over the years, and nowadays, you may notice more people riding these excellent mechanisms to get from place to place. If you’ve seen innovative people riding these scooters, you may have wondered one big question - are E-scooters a better alternative to cars?

While cars are a classic way to get around the country, they also come with many downsides that can make day-to-day transportation frustrating. So, while dealing with a small parking space or mind-numbing traffic, you may wonder if you should have taken an e-scooter instead.

This article will list a few significant advantages electric scooters have over cars and could help you decide whether or not to get one.

What Are E-Scooters And Are They Really Better Than Cars?

You’ve undoubtedly gotten used to driving around a bulky car or taking public transportation or your daily commute needs, but just because you’re used to it doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you. Depending on your circumstances, an incredible e-scooter may be perfect for you.

A handful of outstanding benefits that e-scooters can offer you are:

They’re More Sustainable Than Cars. A major downside of driving vehicles that use petrol or fossil fuels is that they harm the environment. Conversely, electric scooters are far more sustainable because they run on electricity. Instead of visiting a gas station to fuel up on expensive petrol, you just have to recharge your scooter whenever you need to.

They’re Better For Your Health. When you ride in or drive a car, you just sit in a stuffy compartment and press a few pedals or buttons. But, when riding on an e-scooter, you’re activating your body and enjoying the outdoors. Electric scooters allow you to enjoy the fresh air and experience nature first-hand. You’ll also need to stay standing and balanced, so you’re using your core muscles.

Having to stay balanced and coordinated improves your focus and prevents you from losing concentration and potentially crashing or hurting people because you weren’t paying attention.

They’re Cheaper To Buy And Use. Cars are costly, especially if you’re buying a new or high-quality one. Furthermore, paying for car insurance, fuel, regular maintenance and more can cost a lot over the years.

On the other hand, e-scooters just require you to pay for the scooter itself and then pay for the electricity to recharge it. If you need repairs or extra parts, they will most likely be much cheaper than the standard repairs you’d need to pay for a car.

They’re More Manoeuvrable. Although cars and larger vehicles can get you to farther places faster than electric scooters, their bulky size and build can make them a hassle to work with. You will be confined to roads and other places specifically meant only for vehicles when you drive them.

But, with an e-scooter, your world will be much more open. You’ll be able to fit into tighter spaces and bypass areas where cars cannot go. Instead of sitting in traffic and desperately hoping for the line of vehicles to move, you can just go on your convenient scooter.

They’re Easy To Store And Transport. Almost every driver knows just how incredibly frustrating parking can be. First, you need to find a car that’ll accommodate your vehicle correctly. Then, you’ll need to get your car in there without damaging it, the cars around you or the structures around you. After that, you’ll need to safely get it out while manoeuvring around other cars and people.

Electric scooters don’t have this problem at all - in fact, you don’t even have to park them. That’s because these convenient scooters fold up. So, you can just get off of yours, fold it, and carry it. This nifty feature also means that you don’t have to worry about going up or down staircases either because you can easily carry your scooter while you walk over them and then hop back on.

They’re Safer. Cars may offer ample storage space and high speed, but that comes at a cost. Cars and larger vehicles can cause severe damage when driven recklessly. However, it would be challenging to do that kind of damage with a scooter. If you crash on a scooter, you may get a little banged up, but you’ll most likely be fine.

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