Kaha E-Scooters is a family operated business located in Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Johnny and Jo established the Kaha E-Scooters after Jo became unwell and was unable to drive for 12months. Keen to support his wife’s independence as much as possible, Johnny considered the possibility of buying Jo her very own E-Scooter to get around town. 

“The biggest dilemma with not being able to drive, is having to be reliant on others to take you places, and the constant feeling of being an inconvenience or that someone else is always waiting for you. When Johnny suggested buying me an E-Scooter, I was thrilled. The thought of not having to ‘ask’ for a ride, or plan my day around someone else’s schedule, was just a real relief.” – Jo

Our name Kaha E-Scooters is an acknowledgement to the Māori expression “Kia Kaha” and Jo’s Māori identity.  With Jo being of Māori descent, many of our whānau and friends would often show their aroha (love) by saying ‘Kia Kaha’ meaning ‘be strong’ through a time of uncertainty. It just made sense to us, to name our business Kaha E-Scooters. 

The COVID-19 national lockdown opened our eyes to how much the daily use of motor vehicles contributes to air pollution, and the positive effect the absence of road use during lockdown.  While researching all about E-Scooters, we realised there would be some definite benefits from personally owning an E-Scooter. Particularly as a valid environmentally considerate alternative to motor vehicle transport. Contributing to the reduction in air pollution was reassuring, as did knowing the savings in petrol to run a car would offset the cost of the E-Scooter purchase. Plus, the E-Scooter could be used by anyone of our family members. 

From, here we started to consider the potential for other like-minded individuals and families wanting their own personal E-Scooter(s). Whether it be for environmental benefits, or as a preferred alternative to using the publicly available E-Scooters or public transport during the COVID-19 period, to save on vehicle petrol costs, inner city public parking or all the above.  

As a supportive whānau, we went from seeking a personalised transport solution, to discovering a solution that offered great benefits for our whānau, community and environment. Setting up Kaha E-Scooters to promote the benefits (personally and environmentally) of owning an E-Scooter was obvious. 

Christchurch is the perfect place for E-Scooters as a practical and personal mode of transport. Being a relatively flat city it is easy to commute around spring, summer, autumn and winter. From scootering down the causeway past McCormack’s bay out to Redcliffs and Sumner through to scootering through Hagley park, and into the city from the suburbs. There are very few places you cannot go with an E-Scooter. With the cycle ways being installed through Christchurch, options for E-Scootering are becoming a real possibility. 

Kaha E-Scooters had been established with whānau, community and the environment in mind.